What To Do If Your Car Has Been Dented

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It’s common to feel shaken up after an auto accident, even if it was a minor one. Don’t let it throw you into a loop: if you are facing auto damage, you need to take immediate action, no matter who small the damage may appear. Since you may feel overwhelmed in the time after an accident, we have compiled some helpful steps so you can plan ahead if you ever find yourself with a damaged car. By following these steps, your situation will be much less stressful. When you need a dent fixed as soon as possible, schedule an appointment with Dent Dimensions! We have served many clients in our long history and continue to provide the best dent repair services in Northwest Indiana.

Record the Damage

Whenever you are facing a damaged car, it’s a good idea to document the incident. By recording the details of your situation, you will have an easier time providing proof. This is especially true when another person was involved so you can prove the severity of the damage. Take photos of all visible damage, including dents and scratches. You may want to write down the details of the accident as well, including the date, time and how the accident happened. 

Check With Your Insurance

Dents don’t just look unsightly; they can cost you a lot of money to repair. Sometimes, auto insurance will cover the repairs, but you need to be sure to contact your insurance at the earliest opportunity to confirm whether or not they will cover your specific predicament. Fortunately, the dent repair services at Dent Dimensions are affordable! Part of our mission is to provide quick, low-cost dent repair for our Illinois and Northwest Indiana customers. Even if the damage looks bad, we will gladly take care of it for you. 

Get a Professional to Examine the Damage

After an accident, it is imperative that you get your car surveyed for problems. If there’s damage on the outside, something might have gotten damaged on the inside as well. The only reliable way to know for certain is to have a professional take a careful look. At Dent Dimensions, our technicians are trained to quickly identify any external damage that your car has. We can make sure all of the damage is taken into account so that you are aware of any potential issues.

Discuss Repair Options

Once you have recorded the damage and taken care of the urgent matters, it’s time to fix up your vehicle! Instead of going to an auto broker, we recommend coming to Dent Dimensions. Our experts have a keen eye when it comes to surveying the damage and coming up with the best strategy for getting your car looking great again. Our paintless dent removal services are more affordable and efficient than other forms of repair. We guarantee you will be impressed by how we make your car look brand new again. 

Call Dent Dimensions Today

 If you’ve been feeling stuck about how to handle your vehicle’s dents, give us a call. The team at Dent Dimensions is happy to take a look at the damage and repair it in no time.  No matter the cause of your car’s damage, we will handle it with ease. Contact us today!

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