Top Causes of Vehicle Dents (and How to Fix Them)

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Damaged car with a dent representing how our Indiana paintless dent repair services can make your car look brand new.

Even if you take great care of your vehicle, there’s no doubt that over the course of your vehicle’s life, it will experience breakdowns, perhaps damage from an accident, and of course – dents and dings. Fortunately, most dents can be repaired easily and inexpensively, and your car will be left looking as good as new. Consider these top causes of vehicle dents in Indiana, and how our paintless dent repair specialists at Dent Dimensions, Inc. can help.

Hail Damage

Indiana is no stranger to strong storms, many of which result in large pieces of hail falling from the sky. Anyone who has left their vehicle outside and unprotected during a hailstorm knows that hail damage can not only leave a vehicle with one dent but multiple ones. Fortunately, most hail-related dents are superficial and don’t cause damage to the paint itself, making dent repair easy and fast.

Low-Speed Fender-Benders

Whether it’s a rear-end collision or bumping into a fire hydrant when reversing in a tight parking lot, fender-benders are a top cause of vehicle dents. Like hail damage-related dents, though, most fender-benders that occur at low speeds don’t cause any significant damage to a car, and therefore dents can be repaired in a manner of minutes and without having to repaint the vehicle.

Dents and Dings from Shopping Carts, Toys, and More

The majority of minor dents aren’t the result of “big” events, such as a large storm or a car accident; rather, they are the result of basic day-to-day activities and events that most people don’t think twice about. For example, sitting on the hood of your vehicle may result in a dent, as may letting go of your shopping cart, only to see it slam into your vehicle. Sports equipment–like flying balls–may also result in minor dents to a vehicle’s facade. Going through the car wash is another way to dent a vehicle.

Basically, minor dents are inevitable. But, they don’t have to be permanent.

Call Dent Dimensions, Inc. for Dent Repair Services You Can Trust

If your vehicle has a dent or multiple dents, we can help. When you choose Dent Dimensions, Inc. for dent repair services in Indiana, we can travel to your location, repair your dent in under an hour’s time, and will never use any harsh chemicals, fillers, or paint to get the job done; instead, we gently massage a dent from the inside out. To learn more about our dent repair services and why working with us the smart, affordable, and easy choice, please call us directly or schedule your repair online.

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