Stay Safe While Driving on Winter Roads in the Region

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Don't let the winter weather hurt your car! If it does, get in touch with our Schererville Paintless Dent Repair.

Drivers need to be mindful of how ice, sleet, and snow alter driving conditions. When making lane changes, the ability to speed or brake is not the same as during the dry summer months or even the wet spring days. Drivers – especially younger individuals new to being behind the wheel – can benefit from following some driving tips and stay as safe as possible during wintertime.

Find your groove: Take a moment when you first leave to feel how the roads are by testing steering control and braking time and how your tires are rolling on the road.

Mindful of speed: Not only should you focus on how accelerating from a stop on icy and snowy pavement can affect your vehicle, but also how your general speed affects control. Always reduce your speed depending on road conditions.

Keep your distance: Be extra mindful of how far away you are driving behind the vehicle in front of you as extra braking time may be necessary to avoid an accident.

Clear view: Before you leave the driveway, warm up your car, defrost your windows and scrape ice or remove snow so you can see. Also, make sure to clear off mirrors and side and passenger windows that you rely on for a full view of the roads around you.

Plenty of time: Winter is the season to slow down on the road and also allow yourself ample driving time if you have to be somewhere at a certain time. Give yourself enough time to drive at an appropriate speed and not feel rushed.

Heed warnings: Sometimes it’s better just to stay home. If it’s not a necessary trip and road conditions are poor, don’t risk going out on the road. Anytime there are states of emergency declared, only emergency vehicles and authorized snow removal vehicles are supposed to be on the road.

Take Time to Repair Dents and Dings

Our Dent Dimensions team of experts can remove any unwanted marks on your vehicle before the cold and ice pile up. We use our experience, know-how, and tools to bring your vehicle back to its smooth look by utilizing paintless dent repair. The process saves time and money by allowing for repairs on-site at your home, business or place of work with no sanding, filler or painting necessary.

This cuts repair time and helps return your vehicle to its factory finish and increase your vehicle’s value. Check out more about paintless dent repair and our work in our frequently asked questions section.

Show Us Your Marks So We Can Help

By taking a moment to upload a picture of your dents and dings and describing your vehicle and damage in our online form, we can get a better feel of the work that you need done and how we can help you. We are happy to answer any questions! Contact us by phone at 219-313-2337.

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