Simple Steps Can Prepare Your Vehicle for the Winter Months

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Simple Steps Can Prepare Your Vehicle for the Winter Months

When it comes to getting ready for the cold and winter months, don’t forget to winterize your vehicle! Take the time now to be prepared for when the days are shorter, and the snow is piling up. The last thing you want is to be caught off guard in the cold and away from home with a broken-down vehicle.

Fluid levels: Three key fluids ensure your vehicle will run smoothly during the cold: coolant, oil and windshield wiper fluid. Check your owner’s manual to make sure you have the correct coolant and oil recommendations for the chillier temperatures. Having freeze-resistant fluid for your windshield will ensure that your view remains clear.

Tire time: Check out your tire tread, especially if you have been considering replacing them. Worn out tires can cut down your traction during cold-weather driving. If your tires are good to go, take a moment to check out your tire pressure. Low air pressure can affect how your tires perform. Your owner’s manual will list the recommended PSI for your tires.

Battery power: How old is your battery? Is it time for a new one? Also, check preparationover your battery’s cables to make sure they are intact and don’t have any cracks or breaks. There also shouldn’t be any loose connections.

Professional preview: If you aren’t really a do-it-yourselfer, schedule a time with your mechanic before it gets too cold to get a once-over and find out if any concerns may creep up in the winter months.

Gas galore: It’s always best to not push your luck when the temperature drops! Try to maintain a half-full gas tank level to help prevent gas lines from freezing. Plus, if you get stranded, you can keep your engine on to stay warm with the heater running.

Clean Up the Outside as Well

Maybe you have lingering dings or dents that have been marring your vehicle’s exterior. Now is the time to have them repaired by our expert team at Dent Dimensions. Whether your dings are from a minor car accident, stones or rocks or an errant shopping cart, our crew can repair your issues with our paintless dent removal technique. We utilize our years of experience, tools, and know-how to take out dents without having the downtime and cost of a new paint job.

We are proud of our work! To see how paintless dent repair can work for you, check out our before and after photo gallery.

Show Us Your Dent or Ding

You can schedule a repair on our online contact form – where you can also upload a picture and detail your damage. This will help us accurately estimate how we can best help you. We are happy to answer any questions you have! Contact us at 219-313-2337. Due to the method, we are also able to provide on-site repairs so we can save you even more time!

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