Reasons to Choose Paintless Dent Removal Over a Body Shop

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dent on a car representing how our Crown Point paintless dent removal service is better than going to a body shop

When your car has been damaged, you likely want it to be fixed as fast as possible. But when it comes to repairing auto damage, you may notice that many body shops are slow, expensive and do not meet your expectations. You shouldn’t have to pay hundreds of dollars to repair your vehicle. That’s why Dent Dimensions does things differently. Our expert technicians guarantee that we will do the best possible job in the least amount of time – and for the lowest price! Take a look at these reasons why you should choose a paintless dent removal job over the services at a body shop, and give us a call today. 

Significantly Cheaper

One of the best aspects of paintless dent removal is how much cheaper it is. You can easily spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars at a body shop while receiving far less satisfactory results. At Dent Dimensions, we believe that dent repair should be affordable. The reason paintless dent removal costs less is that it uses fewer resources than other repair methods. We will not need to sand your car or use chemicals other solutions. All of the tools and materials needed to fix a dent can easily add up costs, which is why it costs so much more. On the other hand, paintless dent removal involves less manual labor, making this dent repair method a simple and affordable procedure.

Faster Service

In many cases, traditional body shops provide slower services than paintless dent removal. Since body shops have more complicated methods of repairing auto damage, the services will take noticeably longer. You will have to wait for days as all of the steps are completed, which may involve completely removing the dented part, sanding down the area and painting over the damage. This tediously long process is often unnecessary, especially for lighter damage. That’s why it’s better to take your vehicle to Dent Dimensions. With paintless dent removal, we don’t need to do the extra steps that waste your time and money. We do only what you need to be done, which is repairing your vehicle’s dents. 

Environmentally Friendly

Something else to feel satisfied with is knowing that paintless dent removal positively impacts the earth. Traditional dent repair methods create lots of waste. Many of the chemicals used in the repair process can create harmful fumes that hurt the environment and the body shop technicians. At Dent Dimensions, we think it is important to be mindful of our choices and the impact they have. We avoid using dangerous materials that can become pollutants. Plus, we aren’t replacing the parts on your vehicle: we are repairing what’s already there, which is another way to prevent throwing more waste in the landfill. By choosing paintless dent removal, you are contributing to a cleaner environment by lessening the number of pollutants in our air. 

Repair Your Vehicle at Dent Dimensions

As you can see, there’s plenty to appreciate about paintless dent removal. Between a lower cost and a faster repair time, you will be glad that you choose Dent Dimensions to remove your vehicle’s dents. Call us today to learn more!

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