Put Together an Emergency Kit to Stash in Your Vehicle

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Put Together an Emergency Kit to Stash in Your Vehicle

You may still have your lawn chairs, beach supplies or kids’ sports gear stowed away in your trunk from the summer! As the cold creeps in, now is the time to not only put all of this stuff away until next year, but also make sure you have the tools and items needed as part of a winter emergency kit. This collection could be the answer if you experience issues when winter is here!

Here are some key items to pack in your vehicle.

Flashlight: Days are shorter during the winter, and a source of light will be helpful if you have to change a tire in the dark.

Warm gear: A blanket, hat, and gloves can help you stay warmer if you become stranded on the side of the road and your engine isn’t working.

Ice scraper: Is your ice scraper stowed away somewhere in your garage or shed? It won’t do any good unless it is in your vehicle before the ice builds up.

Snacks: Granola bars or fruit snacks can make a difference during the wait for a tow truck or ride.

Flares: These can help you be more visible and stay safer if you find yourself on a busy street.

Jumper cables: Having these on hand will help if your battery needs a jump.

Bag of sand or shovel: These can help if you run off the road and your vehicle is stuck in the snow.

Lock de-icer: When the sun is out, and then temperatures drop, your car locks can get iced over. Stashing a product in your garage or at your office can help remedy this situation. Don’t put it in your glove box as it will do no good if it’s stuck in your vehicle!

Tackle Dent Damage Before the Snow Flies

Now that your vehicle is prepped for the winter months, take time to really inspect the outside. One last good wash and wax before the cold can reveal small dings or dents that weren’t evident before. Our professional crew at Dent Dimensions can help with this issue! We use a paintless dent removal process that can bring back the look of your vehicle without a lot of time or money spent. Since there isn’t a whole new paint job, the technique can save money and time. See what our work is all about in our before and after photo gallery.

Find Out How We Can Help You

Our team is mobile! We can come to your home or business to take out your dings and dents. Fill out our online form with details of your damage and even upload a picture to give us a better idea of what kind of work you need done. We are happy to answer any questions that you may have as well. Connect with us by calling 219-313-2337.

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