What Is Paintless Dent Repair (PDR)?

Rather than using chemicals, fillers, or sanders, paintless dent repair removes dents by gently massaging a dented area of the car back to its original position. The dent is massaged using specialized techniques and tools.

What Are the Benefits of PDR?

PDR preserves the quality of your vehicle, returning it back to its original condition without intensive auto body repair work. PDR is also less expensive and faster. And because PDR doesn’t use any harsh chemicals or fillers, it is also better for the environment, and doesn’t put our technicians at risk of breathing in dangerous chemicals or toxins.

Will My Paint Be Damaged?

Luckily, paint today that is used on vehicles is very flexible. This means that during the dent repair process, your vehicle’s paint will not be damaged. In fact, PDR is the only way to maintain your factory paint while also repairing a dent.

Will My Dents Be 100 Percent Gone?

Before we begin any project, we assess the damage and provide you with an estimate of what to expect. While we can never quote 100%, our technicians will let the customer know what percentage of the dent can be repaired.

Will My Dents Come Back?

No. Once a dent is repaired with paintless dent repair techniques, it is permanently corrected. This is not true for dents that are repaired via traditional repair methods, as these dents may develop sand scratch marks about six months after repair, or may develop a ring around the dent.

Can Any Dent Be Fixed?

Unfortunately, paintless dent repair is not a solution for all dent types. Whether or not a dent can be repaired with paintless dent repair is based on the dent’s size and depth. When the paint surrounding the dent is damaged, or the metal is too stretched, paintless dent repair may not be possible.

Do You Do Scratches or Paint Work?

We perform paintless dent repair services and if your dent has a dent or scratch, we can also help you with that problem. We can buff out scratches for you and order paint if necessary.

Can You Help Me With My Lease Return Vehicle?

Of course! In fact, calling us is usually the best choice, as we can repair dents for far less than you may be charged under the conditions of your lease.

My Car Has A Lot of Dents - Do You Offer a Discount for More than One Dent?

We want to make sure that our paintless dent repair services are as affordable as possible, which is why we lower the price and offer discounts for multiple dents. We can even offer a per car price when you have dozens of dents that need to be corrected.

Can PDR Help Me Sell My Car?

When you are trying to sell your car, you can bet that a potential buyer is going to care what your car looks like. If you invest in paintless dent repair, you improve the appearance of your car, which could in turn improve its valuable and sellability.

The Benefits of Paintless Dent Removal

As mentioned above, many car owners never seek dent removal because they are convinced that the process of removing a dent will be extremely time consuming and expensive, and may even require a new paint job for the entire vehicles. At Dent Dimensions, Inc., we are happy to report that we offer paintless dent removal services.

Paintless dent removal is exactly what it sounds like – rather than spending a fortune by performing major reconstruction of your vehicle, we have the skill set, tools, and resources necessary to work out the majority of minor dings and dents in your vehicle.

The Benefits Include:

  • Saved time

    Completely restructuring a vehicle and repainting it can take days; we can correct minor dents and dings in as little as a few hours! We provide on-site repairs with no sanding, no fillers, and no painting.

  • Saved money

    Repairing dents and dings using paintless technology is much more cost effective for us and for you as the consumer. Because we can complete the project much faster and with fewer resources, you will save hundreds of dollars in both labor and supply costs when compared to traditional auto body repair shops.

  • Greener approach

    That’s right, paintless dent repair is a more environmentally-friendly approach than is traditional dent repair, reducing the output of harsh fumes and pollutants into the air and ground. Paintless dent repair is a choice you can feel good about.

Paintless dent repair is a more affordable option for the removal of minor dents and dings. To schedule a repair or request a free quote, contact our professionals at Dent Dimensions, Inc. today.

Choose Paintless Dent Repair to save time and money when your car has a dent or ding.