Lake County Dent Repair

If you live in Lake County, having a reliable dent repair specialist that you can turn to when needed can provide a lot of relief – after all, nearly 100 percent of vehicle owners will experience a dent at some point over the course of their days of car ownership. At Dent Dimensions, Inc., we are a leading paintless dent repair company in Lake County, and can handle almost all dent repair needs. Contact us today to get a free quote for your dent repairs.

Causes of Dents

As stated above, nearly all vehicle owners will experience a dent to their vehicle at some point, and many more than once. That’s because dents are caused by a number of different things, many of which are everyday experiences. Top causes of dents include:

  • Weather, such as large pieces of hail;
  • Branches or other debris falling on top of a car;
  • Rocks, stones, and other debris in the road;
  • Opening a car door into a pole or other object;
  • Fender-benders;
  • Rear-end collisions; and
  • Sitting on the hood of a vehicle.

Paintless Dent Repair in Lake County – What’s That?

Paintless dent repair is the process of repairing dents in a vehicle without using any paint (or fillers or other chemicals). In a traditional dent repair, the dent is filled, the surface is sanded and smoothed, and then the area is painted to match the rest of the car. In many cases, an entire panel will need to be painted in order to get paint to match.

Rather than going to all that work and using all of those chemicals, paintless dent repair works by simply massaging a dent from the inside out using specialized tools and technique. When the job is complete, the surface of the car looks as good as new!

Paintless dent repair can be used to correct dents resulting from the various factors listed above, Paintless dent repair is not a good option when paint is stretched or damaged, which is the case in a very severe dent (such as one caused by a major collision).

Turning to Dent Dimensions, Inc. for Paintless Dent Repair in Lake County

There are a number of benefits associated with paintless dent repair, including fewer chemicals entering the soil, water, and air, meaning fewer health hazards for both technicians and all Lake County residents. In addition to the health and environmental benefits of paintless dent repair, paintless dent repair is also cheaper as a result of using less labor and fewer materials. Paintless dent repair is also fast – we can repair the majority of dents in under an hour! And we travel to your location, making paintless dent repair from Dent Dimensions, Inc. an easy choice.

We have been in business for more than a decade, and our technicians are all highly skilled and trained. We offer a reliable product at a great price, and are passionate about our work.

To learn more about our paintless dent repair services, please contact us directly today at 219-313-2337. You can also use our online form to schedule a repair at your convenience.

The Benefits of Paintless Dent Removal

As mentioned above, many car owners never seek dent removal because they are convinced that the process of removing a dent will be extremely time consuming and expensive, and may even require a new paint job for the entire vehicles. At Dent Dimensions, Inc., we are happy to report that we offer paintless dent removal services.

Paintless dent removal is exactly what it sounds like – rather than spending a fortune by performing major reconstruction of your vehicle, we have the skill set, tools, and resources necessary to work out the majority of minor dings and dents in your vehicle.

The Benefits Include:

  • Saved time

    Completely restructuring a vehicle and repainting it can take days; we can correct minor dents and dings in as little as a few hours! We provide on-site repairs with no sanding, no fillers, and no painting.

  • Saved money

    Repairing dents and dings using paintless technology is much more cost effective for us and for you as the consumer. Because we can complete the project much faster and with fewer resources, you will save hundreds of dollars in both labor and supply costs when compared to traditional auto body repair shops.

  • Greener approach

    That’s right, paintless dent repair is a more environmentally-friendly approach than is traditional dent repair, reducing the output of harsh fumes and pollutants into the air and ground. Paintless dent repair is a choice you can feel good about.

Paintless dent repair is a more affordable option for the removal of minor dents and dings. To schedule a repair or request a free quote, contact our professionals at Dent Dimensions, Inc. today.

Choose Paintless Dent Repair to save time and money when your car has a dent or ding.