5 FAQs about Paintless Dent Repair

Dent Dimensions
Photo of a car with a dent representing how our Indiana paintless dent repair services can help you with your car.

Paintless dent repair, or PDR, is one of the most efficient ways to fix dents quickly and inexpensively. If your vehicle has a dent, consider some of these frequently asked questions that we often hear in regards to our paintless dent repair services

  1. How Long Does PDR Take?One reason that most customers love PDR is that it is much faster than is traditional dent repair. In fact, most dents can be repaired in under an hour’s time! For vehicles with multiple dents, more time may be required, but we will never need to keep your vehicle overnight. What’s more, we can travel to your location, saving you time and adding convenience to your life.
  2. How Does PDR Work?Rather than removing a damaged panel from a vehicle, filling the dent with a synthetic substance, and then sanding the filled area and painting the entire panel, PDR simply repairs a dent by gently massaging the dent from the inside out, restoring the depression back to its original position. No chemicals or fillers are used.
  3. Why Is PDR Better than Traditional Dent Repair Services?PDR is a great alternative to traditional dent repair services for many reasons. In addition to the fact that it’s faster and doesn’t use the many chemicals and harsh substances that are necessary for traditional dent repair, it’s also less expensive. PDR is also more environmentally-friendly, and safer for technicians’ health, too.
  4. Does PDR Look Good? Yes! PDR looks great. In fact, the vast majority of dents are correctly flawlessly, and vehicles show no signs that a dent ever existed. Before and after photos on our website highlight how great PDR looks when finished.
  5. What Types of Dents Can Be Fixed with PDR?Paintless dent repair can be used to correct the majority of small, superficial dents where the paint is not damaged. This typically includes dents from flying debris and rocks, hail damage, sitting on the hood of the car, minor fender-benders, and other minor accidents and events.

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If your vehicle has minor dents and dings that need to be fixed, we can help. Our paintless dent repair services in Indiana are inexpensive, fast, and effective – your vehicle will look great when we’re finished! To schedule your paintless dent repair services today, please reach out to us directly by calling, or schedule your repair online using the form found on our website.

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